Building North Carolina's Urban Research University

Campus planning exercises in 1995 and 2000 established principles for the physical planning of the University, emphasizing a traditional "commons" approach to education with internal quadrangles and enabling the growth of a memorable campus core, integral to a thriving research campus. Based on an 18-month planning and design process, the 2010 Master Plan presents a cohesive, people-oriented campus committed to sustainability, efficiency, and social interaction. It also presents a stronger set of building and infrastructure connections to our surrounding neighbors.

We will continue to build up the historic campus core of the University with new facilities and improvements that add much-needed density and academic space and give recognizable character to the heart of the campus. New academic residence "villages" support and promote student activities and learning communities to enhance campus life. Thoughtful land use planning preserves and celebrates the range of natural landscapes and forested areas on campus to foster a sense of sustainable growth.

Aerial View of UNC Charlotte